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Financial Information
Financial Information
Do you like free money?

You can find it offered at the U of L through a wide range of scholarships and awards. Many of these awards are given out based on your grades (from the last five years), but other criteria like leadership, community involvement, or artistic ability may also be considered.

While not all awards require you to apply, researching which awards you may qualify for and filling out an application is strongly recommended. A few minutes of your time can really pay off in a big way. Keep in mind that any U of L awards you receive will be dependent on your decision to attend the University of Lethbridge.

When should I apply for scholarships?
Award Amount How to Apply Deadline
Grade 11 Merit Award Up to $800 Submit a completed scholarship application form in your Gr.11 year. June 30
Board of Governors' Award and Relocation Award Up to $1500 Submit a completed application for admission before the deadline. Fall admission only. Dec. 15
Leadership Awards Up to $5000 Log in to the Bridge and fill out the scholarship application online. Fall admission only. March 15
High School Awards Up to $2500 Log in to the Bridge and fill out the scholarship application online. March 15

How do I apply for scholarships?

You must have a University of Lethbridge ID number and an account on our student Information system called the Bridge before you can access the online scholarship application forms. This means you should apply for admission at least two weeks before the scholarship deadline in order to have your application processed and your Bridge account created.  If you have questions regarding your ID number or the Bridge, please contact us.


Are there any other scholarships I can apply for?

External awards are also a great option for financing your education. While these awards are not sponsored by the U of L, they can certainly help with costs. To get the most value, you should apply for both external awards and U of L awards.